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In certain situations, you may not need a full interior appraisal report. You many only need a desktop appraisal  report which generally will cost half the price of a full appraisal. A desktop appraisal is a restricted use appraisal report meaining you are the only intended user of the report and there is only one intended use. The report itself is shorter than a full interior appraisal but is based on the same appraisal valuation principles. In fact, assuming the information used for the report is accurate and comes from a reliable source, the value conclusions will likely be similar to a full interior appraisal. In order to complete a desktop appraisal, the following criterion must be met: there is only one intended user, there is only one intented use, the appraiser determines this report will be reliable and there must be an adequate amount of information about the home. A desktop appraisal could be completed for various reasons including: assisting in setting a proper listing price; to determine if its feasible to proceed with a refinance; assist buyer with narrowing down buying choices between several homes; or any other reason that may fit in the above criterion. Call me today and I would be happy to help you decide between our appraisal products.