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You have been asked by your appraiser to complete a brief home questionnaire regarding updates completed to your home.  Please complete the form in its entirety and to the best of your knowledge. This form assists the appraiser in the home valuation process. As part of this form, you are being asked the condition of your kitchen and bathrooms and other major items. There are three condition ratings: updated, remodeled, or original/mostly original. An updated kitchen or bathroom may include a few updates to "freshen up" the space such as new lighting, flooring, counters, fixtures, etc. An remodeled kitchen or bathroom would be a complete new space including new counters, cabinets, new layout, etc. An original/mostly original kitchen or bathroom may include one or two updates but not necessarily that of an updated condition. Please use your best judgement and your appraiser will confirm the condition during the appraisal process. Please feel free to email us at should you have any questions. Your help is greatly appreciated. Notice to home buyer/home owner: Indianapolis Appraisals was hired to appraise your property for the lender. You may receive a copy of this appraisal report from the lender. Even though you may receive a copy or even pay an appraisal fee, the appraisal report that will be prepared by Indianapolis Appraisals is being prepared for the client’s use only. Only the client or the intended users as stated in the report are to rely on the appraiser report itself. The appraisal is not intended for any other intended user that is not stated specifically in the report. If you require an appraisal for your own use; or are concerned about your property’s value or conditions that may affect your property; you may engage an independent appraiser of your own choosing. It should also be understood that Indianapolis Appraisals cannot speak with you about the results of the appraisal assignment. If you have any questions or comments regarding the appraisal, you will need to contact the lender.