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Listing Select, Inc. has partnered with Indianapolis Appraisals to provide our clients with a more inclusive real estate experience.

"Our mission is simple, to help homeowners sell their home at a reduced commission without sacrificing the important functions a realtor provides"

                        Anthony Akins - Founder & CEO, Listing Select, Inc.

Listing Select, Inc. is a full service real estate brokerage company offering you two low cost solutions to sell your home.  With either option, you retain the option to sell your home yourself which can save you even more in real estate commissions! 

Pay at Closing – When choosing this option, our fee for listing your home will be 1.5% of your home’s sale price which will be paid at closing. This is much less than most traditional real estate brokerages that charge anywhere from 3-4% to list your home.*

Pay Up Front – When choosing this option, our fee for listing your home will be $999 and will be paid up front. We will not charge any additional fees or commissions at closing. This option is great for homeowners that would like to save even more in commissions.*

Why Choose Us?

Flexible Packages
. You have the option to either pay 1.5% at closing or $999 upfront and 0% at closing*. You also get to select how much commission to offer buyer agents. Both of the options can save you a substantial amount of money in commissions.

Local. We are located in the Indianapolis area. Many other "Discount" or "Flat Fee" brokers are located out of state and only contract with local real estate brokers. Be sure to know who you are working with.

Inclusive Pricing. We do everything for you and don't charge for extras.  Unlike some of our competitors, everything is included in our pricing.  

Simple. Let us take the complications and worries out of selling your home. One of our local realtors will assist you throughout the entire selling process.

We Represent You. This is a very important difference between us and our competitors. We have an agency relationship with you and represent you as the seller. Because we represent you, we work in your best interest. If you talk with other real estate brokerages, make sure that you will have a full agency relationship with them and that they are representing you as the seller in order to protect your interests.

For a free consultation and learn more about our company, please call 317-809-1252 and ask to speak with Tony 


*Fees do not include the additional commission that will be paid to buyer agents. A buyer agent is an agent or broker that represents a buyer in a transaction. When we list your home in the MLS, we will offer a commission to cooperating brokers. You will decide what the commission rate you would like us to offer. We recommend between 2.5-3.5%. If you sell your home yourself without the assistance of a buyer agent or broker, no additional commissions will be paid except the agreed upon fees in Option 1 or Option 2.